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      WHU’s Center of the Studies of Information Resources listed as Innovative Research Group Project of NSFC
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      “Information Resource Management”, an innovation research group project under the charge of Professor Li Gang from Wuhan University, has recently been listed in this year’s National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Professor Li, the director of the Center for the Studies of Information Resources (CSIR), WHU, was funded with 6.7 million yuan for this project.

      This is the first innovation group project on Library Information and Archives Management that has been approved by NSFC. It indicates a remarkable leap taken by Wuhan University in its innovative research strength and academic influence of information resource management.

      The NSFC innovative research group project aims to support outstanding young and middle-aged scientists to grow into academic leaders and research backbones. They are encouraged to jointly carry out innovative researches in one significant research direction so as to build up a team towards the forefront of international science circle. The national innovation group project is an important component of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, whose recipients are expected to have outstanding overall strength in their disciplines.

      In 2019, NSFC has funded 45 innovative research group projects, and Processor Li's project is one of the three funded by the ministry of management sciences. The formation of the research team of information resource management relies on CSIR, Wuhan University, a key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences among universities nationwide. Ma Feicheng, a senior professor of humanities and social sciences in Wuhan University, serves as the group’s academic consultant, and Chen Chuanfu, Lu Wei, Wang Xiaoguang, Sun Yongqiang and An lu are its core members.

      Since the 1980s and 1990s, this research group has been engaging in the research field of library information and archives management. Orienting to the national strategic needs and aiming at document information resources, digital information resources and big data information resources, it has been continuously carrying out innovative cooperative research with three stable and core directions: information resource organization and retrieval, information analysis and mining, and information resource sharing and service. The group members have presided over 20 major and key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China, National Key Research and Development Program of China and National Science and technology support program, as well as 49 General Programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China and Youth Projects. The group has won the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of State Education Ministry of China, the First Prize for Excellent Achievements in Social Sciences of State Education Ministry of China, the First Prize for National Teaching Achievements, National Outstanding Teachers and other important awards. The group members have published more than 300 academic papers on top journals of their profession both home and abroad.

      Rewritten by Wu Buer

      Edited by Zhang Shiqi, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia

      Source:Center for the Studies of Inf

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